Making USG Even Smaller

As a second semester senior attending classes at USG, my biggest piece advice would be to make USG as small as possible. What I mean is that when you walk from the parking garage to your first class, I want everyone to be able to see at least a couple people that they know. And the hands-down best way to do this is to be as involved on campus as you can. Here are some ways to get involved on campus that I HIGHLY recommend:

  1. Join Student Event Board: SEB is probably the biggest club on campus that is open to people from all schools and with various interests. Currently the club consists of Biology majors, Business majors, Public Health majors, etc. I recommend joining SEB because it is a ton of fun and you are able to be involved with some of the biggest events held on campus. Their next meeting is being held this Tuesday February 9th 2-3 pm in Building III Room 3219.
  2. Consider Becoming a Student Council Representative: Breaking News! The Secondary Institutional Representative position for UMCP at USG is officially open as of today. So if you are a UMCP student (preferably a junior, but a senior would also be fine), just fill out the short application on Connect at USG. It is an amazing leadership position and you really get to be in a position to make great changes. Also, UMUC, UB, Towson, and Salisbury students- we currently need you as well!
  3. Attend CISC sponsored events and workshops: CISC (Career and Internship Services Center) holds a ton of events on campus for students to network and that help career development. Their next workshop is called “Pathways to Careers in Health & Wellness”. Check out the flier below for more details. Also, be sure to attend the Etiquette Dinner cosponsored by CISC- it was probably one of my favorite events on campus last year.


    Flier for the CISC Workshop this Thursday

  4. Join workout classes at the Rec Center: Workout classes are a great way to stay in shape and meet new people. The Rec Center currently has Yoga Wednesdays- 2:30pm-3:45pm, Zumba Tuesdays- 2pm-3pm, and Cardio-Kickboxing Wednesdays- 8am-9am.
  5. Connect at USG: I am not going to list out every club that is on campus because there is A LOT. But make sure to log into Connect at USG and look at the list. I’m sure there are at least a couple that match your interests.
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