Winter Stargazing

I don’t know about you, but the snow days completely destroyed my schedule.

Trying to get work done at home while my son was running back and forth next to my desk just wasn’t happening.  I ended up playing the Pokemon trading card game (both physical and online) when we weren’t outside building a snow fort or sledding.

So I was sad to see that Night Owls hours at the library (10pm-2am) don’t start up until next Sunday (February 7).  I was planning to hammer out a large number of lectures that I didn’t end up watching during the break, but instead I’m stuck having to get to bed at a decent hour.

For those who look to the stars, the constellation Hydra will be in the southern sky most prominently Wednesday evening.  The Shady Grove campus isn’t too bad for stargazing.  Winter is a great time to look up at the stars since the air is cool and crisp, and you can always see Orion with his tri-star belt.

And for those of you who are earlybirds, Venus can be seen all week as a bright morning “star” low in the southeast sky just at sunrise.

I hope everyone can throw off the funk of a long snow week so that we can get back to classes and get things done!


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