“Be the Givers of Tomorrow”

USG Scholarship Luncheon

“Thanksgiving” came a little early this year at the USG 6th Annual Scholarship and Donor Recognition Luncheon where more than 300 scholarship recipients attended to thank the donors who contributed to their scholarships. Students shared about their personal experiences and how the USG Scholarship Program has had a tremendous impact on their lives. Whether it was losing a home, battling cancer, or struggling with learning disabilities, these scholarly students were able to overcome adversity and make education their main focus with USG’s helping hand.

In light of the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, I want to share with you all a special message given at the Scholarship Luncheon by Clark Kendall, the son of Camille Kendall, which deeply resonated with all of the attendees.

“Be the givers of tomorrow.”

As students, we make many sacrifices to attend college and get an education because we know education is the key to success. However, how do we define success? Often times, we think of success as what we can obtain, what we can achieve, what we can have in our possession.

However, Clark Kendall reminded us that the act of giving is, in fact, a very important variable in the main formula when we strive for success.

There are many ways that you, as a student, can give a helping hand:

  • Notice some of your peers struggling in a particular class? Offer to help them study for the upcoming exam.
  • Did you know USG has many different drives to give back to the community? Consider donating items to the Toiletry Drive, Syrian Blanket & Coat Drive, or the Toy Drive.

What are some other ways you can, or already have done, to give a helping hand?

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