Life After Graduation

As graduation approaches the pressure to find a job keeps building, and given the many demands of senior life it’s no surprise that I’ve been counting down the days till May 2016.

My bitter-sweet combination of nerves and excitement inspired me to do a little research on – Life After Graduation. Please allow me to introduce you to three of USG’s very own graduates: Jeanette Raisa, Kyle Risos, and Christine Thinn.


Jeanette Raisa, Payroll Assistant

Jeanette Raisa graduated in Spring 2016 from the University of Maryland, College Park with her Bachelor’s degree in Communication.

In her last semester she was actively looking for a job and had interviews with different companies almost every week. This was a smart move for her, since she snagged a full time job not long after graduation.

Jeanette currently works as the Payroll Assistant for a  construction company in D.C. She reported that although not having homework, tests or papers to worry about anymore, the working life is not easy.

Jeanette is still on the hunt for her dream job in the Event Planning industry, she will continue to hold her current position until a more fulfilling opportunity comes her way.


Kyle Risos, IRTA Fellow, NIH

Kyle Risos is also a Spring 2015 graduate from the University of Maryland College Park. Kyle knew he wanted to get into the medical field as early as high school when he worked his first internship at the NIH. Later he interned for the NIH again in college .

Kyle majored in Bilogical Sciences and landed a job right after graduation with- can you guess it? The NIH!He works as an IRTA fellow at the NIH in Bethesda, MD where he  develops new and improved flu vaccines.

Kyle told me that life after graduation has treated him well, he had a job waiting for him right after walking the stage, where he is able to work a flexible schedule with a group of warm and friendly colleagues. Kyle plans to go to medical school where he will work towards becoming a primary care physician.

IMG_4429Christine Thinn also graduated in Spring 2015 from the University of Maryland, College Park, she majored in Public Health Science. Currently Christine works as a graduate assistant for the public health program. This position allowed her to pay off her grad school tuition in full, she feels unbelievably grateful for such a wonderful opportunity. Christine is pursuing her MPH in Public Health Practice and Policy also with UMCP. I asked her what inspired her to pursue a career in public health and she shared a touching story – her little brother passed due to a hospital malpractice in Burma, her home country. Christine is planning on changing the world one public health policy at a time,while keeping the memory of her brother in her heart which continues to inspire her to make a difference. Christine reported that what she really wants out of life is to be happy and to help people, and the fact that she is able to do that in her field is a blessing.

After speaking to these three USG superstars, it made me realize that life after graduation isn’t anything to be afraid of. The best thing to do for yourself is to know what you want out of life and everything else will fall into place.

Thanks for the inspiration – Jeanette, Kyle, and Christine, keep representing USG!




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