Fall Open House Fun!

Did you know that nearly 800 total guests attended the Fall Open House this past Saturday?

The event had a great turnout and it was a success! Students from different educational levels with varied program interests all joined together at the Open House event to learn more about the unique USG learning environment.

As a USG Student Ambassador, I had the wonderful opportunity to be on the management team of running the various activities consisted in the Open House schedule. From helping the guests go through the registration process and giving tours of the school, to encouraging students to apply for transfer access programs and answering questions from guests on the student panel, the Student Ambassadors were able to provide well-rounded assistance to everyone in attendance.

Even with the large turnout, there was still a lot of opportunity to give personalized assistance to the guests as well. As an accounting major at the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, I had many students asking me about my experience with the business school and taking my courses at USG as opposed to taking them at main campus. Similarly, since our Student Ambassador program has students from a mixture¬†of programs from a variety of universities, when prospective students had questions about a specific program and students’ personal experiences with the program, our Student Ambassadors were there to share their stories.

Overall, the guests that attended seemed to enjoy their time learning more about all the benefits that USG has to offer, and the Student Ambassadors had a great bonding experience!


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