Staying a Step Ahead, Even When You Feel a Step Behind

Today was one of those days when I looked at my calendar and audibly gasped. When did it become November, and how did my schedule get so busy?

So this post is a way to center myself; to regain my “zen” if you will.

Three Ways to Keep Your Head in the Game When Your Heart is Prematurely on Vacation (Thanksgiving break- I can literally taste you!)

  1. Make an ACTUAL Calendar.

Buy one/create one/engrave one onto your hand. Find an easy to follow system where you can record all of the happenings of your very busy life! My gCal has become one of my closest confidants…when I remember to check it.

  1. On that calendar, schedule time for YOU!

Before nursing school, the thought of scheduling time for myself seemed preposterous! Free time just came naturally. Now I realize that this time, though hard to squeeze in, is essential! We all need a good Netflix chick flick every now. Find your “you” time each and every day!

  1. Remember why you started.

This one resonates with me the most. When schoolwork seems daunting, exams never ending, and mornings so early, remember what inspired you in the first place. You have worked hard to get to where you are! You have made many sacrifices in pursuit of your dreams, and the courage it takes to begin this journey is always worth celebrating!

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