Finals Week (posted on behalf of Rachel)

The circled week on my calendar, the one that seemed so far in abyss, is here at last. You guessed it, finals week. Most of my day has looked like this:


A book, a laptop, and a water bottle. A nursing student’s best friends!

And after six restless hours cemented to my chair with the suns warm glow mocking me from outside the window, I decided it was time for a break. So I phoned by trusty friend, neighbor, and study partner, Ilana Lupovitch! We met outside my apartment, and the next 30 minutes of my day looked like this:


Happy Nursing Student 🙂

Though the time passed quickly, I was amazed by nature’s ability to rejuvenate and refocus me during a sleep-deprived and chaotic time. The end is near. On Tuesday, I will take my last final, Medical-Surgical Nursing, and say goodbye to Shady Grove for a little while. It is truly bittersweet. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills, but also an incredible cohort of friends and mentors!

So for now I will bid farewell to all of you in favor of my textbooks and powerpoint slides knowing that many sunshine-filled days await!

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2 Responses to Finals Week (posted on behalf of Rachel)

  1. trishaasmith says:

    thanks for this brilliantly written post, have fun with friends enjoy your precious break

  2. kurtis says:

    Appreciating the information that you have put forward to shown us a real insight about this hard to find topic.keep awaking us in future to.

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