I Have Good News…

With graduation just weeks away, I thought it would be nice to share some good news… A few weeks ago I interviewed for a position with an IT security company…I was excited and nervous all at the same time. When I get nervous you’ll know because I bury myself into my computer screen for days at a time researching and trying to find answers

I was definitely prepared for the interview and I think it showed in the way I answered questions and, more importantly, the way I asked questions. The good news is I got offered the job…and I accepted it. I now have a career path that suites the way my brain works and allows me to be self-sufficient, which is all I ever wanted. My professional journey is seriously beginning and this changes everything…

I will need to transition from being a student to being a full-time professional. I will have to sacrifice some dreams, some adventures, and some ideas to be fully dedicated to this new role. I am ready for this because this is what I went to school for. This is what the scholarship donors and all the people who moved in my favor at USG and NCCoE did all that work for.  So that I could hold up my end of the bargain and use my education and training to solve real-world problems outside of the classroom.

From scholarships to internships and access to resources, I have been fully supported at USG. I would not have been able to focus on learning and gaining hands-on experience through my internship if it had not been for the support I received. My USG experience has been nothing short of awesome.

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