PSB = Post Spring Break.

That is how I define the time that has elapsed since I returned from a week of much-needed relaxation, sleeping in, (and in my case) WARM WEATHER. I spent my vacation in Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA soaking up the sunshine and southern hospitality with my family. We explored the cities, ate enough pralines to feed an army, and greatly enjoyed eachothers company. Life can get pretty crazy, and this trip gave us an opportunity to just chill!

And now, the PSB period begins. The beginning of the end of an incredibly busy and exciting school year. I have three weeks left of my Medical-Surgical Nursing Clinical, which I have loved. Despite the 4:50 am wake up call, I truly find myself energized and immersed in the work of a nurse. This week, I begin my Psychiatric Nursing Clinical on Saturday. I know what you’re thinking (or I know what I’m thinking) school….ON A SATURDAY?! Seems a little crazy, but hey healthcare does not take a vacation!

Though the PSB period can be mentally tough, considering that as I write this, it is 70 degrees out and absolutely stunning, I know that we are nearing the home stretch. I have to resist the urge to push aside my books and frolic into the sunshine. Perhaps I will study outside. It’s all about the compromise!

On that note, let the PSB period reign on! Happy Thursday!

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