Day One of Many More to Come

Today, February 12, 2015,  I embarked on the next milestone of my nursing journey, clinical rotations! You might be wondering: what is a clinical rotation, and why is she so excited about it? A clinical rotation is an incredible (and necessary) opportunity for nursing students to work in patient-care settings under the supervision of a clinical instructor. Key words: “Under the supervision of a clinical instructor.” Hence, we are never alone as we perform skills and we work closely with our instructor and other staff members. In this first rotation, I am working on an Adult Health floor at an area hospital two days a week, 10-hour shifts each. Our clinical instructor takes great lengths to guide our practice and answer all of our burning questions.

Since today was our first day, we went through an extensive orientation with the head nurse, toured the unit we will be working on, and reviewed expectations with our clinical instructor. He showed us around the floor so that we do not totally stand out tomorrow (that’s what our bright white scrubs and tan pants are for!)

There are five other students in my group, so it is quite intimate and we are already melding into an unstoppable unit! Though we did not engage in any patient-care activity today, I already feel myself transitioning into this exciting role. I almost had to pinch myself when one of my fellow classmates reminded me that this will be our career in a little over a year from now. In just ONE calendar year, we will be nurses!

Nothing more motivating than that as I hunker down for a jam-packed weekend of studying! Happy almost Friday everyone!

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