USG Unites

Yesterday the USG Office of Student Services held their first “First Look Fair” for different student organizations on campus to table and talk about their organizations to interested students. It was held at the green grove café from 12:30 till 2:30 and I was there to table for and represent Student Event Board. I was also at the event to represent the Student Council as UMCP’s Secondary Institutional Representative.

The Student Council has been focusing on the expected challenge of budget cuts on Maryland’s Public University System. As a UMCP student, I have already felt its effects by having a mid-year tuition increase. USG’s Student Council and the Student Councils from other public institutions in Maryland are planning on coming together to lobby the Maryland State Legislature in Annapolis on Friday February 27th.

During the First Look Fair, the USG Student Council put up a “What USG Means to Me” board for all students to write messages on. This way, all the voices of students at USG can be heard even though they cannot all come to lobby at Annapolis. Looking at what different students had written on the board, I realized how amazing of a campus USG really is. I also saw that all these different students from different institutions were coming together to protect one thing: our campus and its amazing services. I am really happy to be part of such an amazing community, and am looking forward to spending another year and a half at USG!

What USG Means to Me Board

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