Planning for the Future

This is a very exciting semester. Not just because its my last, but because I feel a lot of energy thinking about all the opportunities to come.

So far, 2015 has been amazing. With graduation just months away, I have been thinking a lot more vigorously about what I am going to be doing afterwards. Where will I fit in the huge cybersecurity field, will I head West in May, will I pursue my masters right away? All very serious questions, but the immediacy of it all is so exciting.

It seems that all of these possibilities have always been so many semesters away, but at this moment, they are right in front of me. One thing is for certain, I want to do something exciting that will require me to be incredibly creative and innovative. Fortunately, I am not the only person I know that is feeling this way.

After discussing my energy with one of my oldest friends and colleagues, we decided it was time to join forces and create something extra special. We are starting our own media house that allows us to merge our talents, knowledge of the local business community, and passion for creativity and bringing the right people together.

My friend and colleague Paul setting up our website!

My friend and colleague Paul setting up our website!

Several hundred pots of coffee later, we started taking our very first clients this week on as case studies to prove our concept and strategy. We get to meet a lot of local business owners and help them create a web presence that resonates with our community as well as gains them more customers. We also get to work with other friends who are writers, photographers, videographers, as well as web designers and developers.

We work longer hours these days and have a lot on the line, but its incredibly fulfilling to see years of hard work paying off and opportunities within reach.

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1 Response to Planning for the Future

  1. susan2015 says:

    Congrats! This sounds very exciting. Sounds like you’re adequately caffeinated 🙂

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