What To Do When You Start To See The Light at The End Of The Tunnel

Everyone understands that the most crucial part of success is motivation. Without it, we are all void of the energy, enthusiasm, and zeal that runs the turbines that help move us forward. Let alone navigating in a 2 year long tunnel that is divided into 4 semesters filled with written assignments, oral presentations, and exams. No one understands this tunnel better than the students in the Public Health Science program at the University of Maryland College Park here at Shady Grove campus. They understand that if you give it all you got, there comes a time when you will need to get all cylinders firing, especially at the end.

Now that we have come a long way, I myself am starting to see that light shining at the end of the tunnel. This is the time when all the hard work we have put in throughout the program will now pay off with a Bachelors’ of Science degree in Public Health. As motivated as I am, I want all my fellow students to begin this semester with a blast knowing the joy that awaits sometime around May. We will have those hard times again, we may face some setbacks here and there, stumble after a few steps, but I also know this, ” we will also remember that, this is the time that called for our true character and shaped us to become who we are”.

Life isn’t easy! You want something good? You have to work hard, be persistent, and keep believing in yourself.   My father always reminded me of something I want everyone to inherit. He said, “the challenges you meet today are stumbling blocks to tomorrow’s success.” During the break, I visited Harper’s Ferry in West Virginia, where the Blue Ridge Mountains form a confluence of the Shenandoah Potomac Rivers. I went hiking up the mountains and got to a famous apex called “Jefferson Rock”. From this bird’s eye view I could see the beautiful rivers flowing down with peace.   I looked up in the sky and seemed as if I could reach it with my hands. This is when I was reminded of how high I can get if I do not limit myself from achieving bigger things. Of course I could not have found any better person to have done this with other than my caring and motivating girlfriend. Bring it on, I am ready to graduate!


Chris and Tee on top of "Jefferson rock" Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Chris and Tee on top of “Jefferson rock” Harpers Ferry, West Virginia


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