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Hello, 2015! Crazy, right? Last year went by way too fast, and so much has already happened this year! From my cousin getting engaged, to my first UMCP online class starting, to the first mini snow storm for our area, I’d say 2015 has started off with a bang.


Starting off the New Year with two of my favorite people!

I’m super excited for what’s in store for me this year. I finished my first semester as a UMCP student at the Universities at Shady Grove, and I’m quite proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. This upcoming semester, I’ll be taking 4 classes, and I’ll have the opportunity to get more involved at this school. Right now, I’m taking a family studies course online. After a few weeks of eating, lounging, Netflix binging, and staying up too late, this class was a rude awakening. With assignments due every three days, it’s been tough to keep up! But, I’m managing. Still, I’m glad that I’m taking this course, because if I kept up with letting my brain rot for another two weeks, I’d be in an even worse position for four classes for spring semester!


Triple Layer Chocolate Mousse Cake at Founding Farmers featuring my greedy grin.

Anyway, I’m eager for this semester, and this year. I’m incredibly happy to be a UMCP student at the Universities at Shady Grove, and ready to finish my junior year strong.

About dilanigoon

Hi, guys! My name is Dilani. This is my final year as a University of Maryland, College Park student, and blogger for Around the Grove.
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