It’s Decemb-WHAT?!

December 4th, when did that happen? I just completed my second final. Yes, final, like those exams you take at the END of a semester, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE! Times like these call for some caffeine, serious motivation, and impromptu dance parties. As the semester winds down, I thought I would give you all (whoever you are!) a little roadmap of the last three months:

September: Welcome to Nursing School!

  1. Met the class of 2016
  2. Successfully carried 30 lbs worth of nursing textbooks to the library
  3. Completed my first NCLEX-style exam: imagine a lot of multiple choice questions where all of the answers seem correct
  4. Prided myself on taking a blood pressure in five minutes

October: Becoming a Professional (multitasker, jugular, injection giver, etc.)

  1. BECAME A STUDENT BLOGGER: need I say more?!
  2. Baked my first homemade batch of cookies (and didn’t burn my apartment down!)FullSizeRender
  3. Successfully vaccinated 11 people against the flu
  4. Took more exams
  5. Began my first clinical at a rehabilitation facility
  6. Read textbooks, re-read textbooks, and then read them one more time for good measure
  7. Took more exams
  8. Interacted with my FIRST standardized patient (actors who simulate realistic patient interactions, talk about the (second) coolest job ever..))
  9. And took another exam or two

November: Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk

  1. Received my WHITE COAT (Refer to Nursing in Shining Armour)
  2. Served as a patient navigator at Homeless Resource Day: This was a clinical experience for first semester and fourth semester community health nursing students. We interacted with clients as we navigated the event together. SO amazing!

    Hey, you guys also have this outfit? So chic!

    Hey, you guys also have this outfit? So chic!

  3. Took a blood pressure in 30 seconds. Practice makes perfect!
  4. WROTE MY FIRST CARE PLAN. A Care Plan is a right of passage for a nursing student as it signifies the beginning of the rest of our nursing school careers. I seriously wanted to frame that 20 page whopper and mount it in my living room, but for some reason my roommates didn’t seem too excited about the idea.
  5. Ran a Half Marathon with fellow future nurse, Jenna! If there is one thing I have learned in nursing school (and we have learned many, many things) it is that exercise reduces your risk for pretty much everything from heart disease to diabetes to osteoporosis! And it’s FREE. Seriously, what could be better!

    Showing off that bling bling.

    Showing off that bling bling.

December: Fight/Flight (It’s go time!)


And the journey continues…..bring it on finals, I’m ready for ya!

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1 Response to It’s Decemb-WHAT?!

  1. shanafrankel says:

    all I’ve got to see is that you’re quite the inspiring and impressive gal-look at all you’ve accomplished this semester! snaps 2 yo.

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