How To: Embrace Fall Weather at USG

As October turns to November, and we have kissed the summer weather goodbye, it is time to revel in the fact that my favorite seasons, fall, is here for a short while longer, and it is time to fully embrace it. I have made a list for all of my fellow classmates at Shady Grove of 5 ways to make the most of the glorious in between of summer and winter.

1. Watch the beautiful foliage while driving (safely) to campus.

One of my favorite parts of my commute from College Park to Shady Grove would have to be the beautiful view of Maryland I get while taking 200 on the days that I have 9:00 a.m. classes and the 495 traffic is unbearable. I almost sometimes feel like the $4 I must pay to take that road each time becomes a little bit more worth it because of the beauty it provides. I have noticed that as I see the leaves changing colors, my mood changes along with it. Nature has the captivating ability to change one’s outlook on that day, so I strongly recommend being aware of your beautiful surroundings next time you are on your way to classes. If for anything, at least it will give you something pretty to daydream about during class.

2. Change up the tunes

Another big defining factor that fall has arrived while I am driving to school is that the variety of music that I listen to begins to change. It must be something about the crisp air that makes me want to switch from the classic summer pump-up tunes to something more mellow. For some reason, it helps me set the mood of the season. The artists that I would highly recommend: Augustana, Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Bastille…This is the perfect transition from the upbeat summer jams to the never-ending Christmas carols that will soon dominate the radio, and just about everywhere else.

Here is a song by The Neighborhood to get you in the mood:

3. Spend as much time outside as possible

A third major reason why fall is my favorite would have to be because it seems to be the one of the only times of year in Maryland where it is perfectly pleasant to spend time outside. Without fear of sweat stains or frost bite, the fall weather invites everyone to spend time outside, reveling in it’s beauty. It’s times like these that we must take advantage of the quad in between buildings I, II, and III. Whether it is eating lunch, studying, or hanging out with friends-take advantage of this time and spend it outside before it’s too late!

4. Drink an absurd amount of salted caramel mochas (or just about anything involving salted caramel)

During every other time of the year, I am totally content with enjoying a cup of coffee from the Green Grove Cafe; however, come fall time it is time for me to indulge in the seasonal salted caramel mocha that Starbucks oh so perfectly brews. Good news-there is a Starbucks that is approximately a 9 minute walk from campus! Take a right on Darnestown Road, and then a left on Shady Grove Road, and look out for the Starbucks that will be approaching on a shopping center to your right! There is something that is so perfect about the combination of chocolate and sea salt, and I always make sure to request extra salt, because the crunch is my favorite part.

Though these are so delicious, the price can be quite astronomical if you’re an addict and what this drink more than once a week like me, so I have done some research and have begun to make them at home. Here is a link to the recipe: (Thanks, Starbucks Foodservice!)

5. Remind yourself everyday that this is one of the best times of the year!!!!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is time that we get the gratefulness feelings into our system. Start this by reminding yourself everyday how grateful you are for this beautiful weather that Maryland has been gifted with during the fall! So now, get off of your computer, go rake a pile of leaves that have fallen onto the grass, and jump right in!

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3 Responses to How To: Embrace Fall Weather at USG

  1. rsafferman says:

    I love this! Fall is also one of my all time faves.

  2. Laurie Hunt says:

    I’m thankful for fall and I’m thankful for this blogpost!

  3. laylam92 says:

    Nice Post! Nothing better than hiking in the fall as well. I highly recommend the Billy Goat Trail in Potomac 🙂 Too bad the season is coming to an end. I wish it was fall all year round.

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