At USG it’s not just about education alone, but the experience

Home to 9 best universities across Maryland, USG has a unique style. One rich with educational resources, diversity, equality, a suitable learning environment, and student activities that transcend into real world experiences. Here, students acquire the best quality of higher education from Professors who are experts in their fields. To get an unbiased view of the unforgettable experience here, I will refrain from telling my own story, instead, I will tell you about how some of the students here at USG are navigating through their unique journeys while attaining invaluable skills and knowledge.

At this point I know you are wondering ‘why isn’t he mentioning the word diploma?’. I am worried that if I solely focus on getting the diploma, the whole experience will be undermined. I will miss the vital elements that will get us to earn the diploma in the first place!   I don’t mean to say that the degree does not matter, with all due respect, it matters a lot! My father often said, “Son, it is not the destination that matters, instead it is the journey that brings you to the destination.”

To understand the experience here at USG, I asked Chiedzo, a student from the nursing program within the University Of Maryland, The Founding Campus. A Charming confident woman with a bright and easy smile who is also proud to be a USG student. She walked me through her first semester where she went through the welcoming orientation process, to taking her first nursing classes during her senior year, where she is now performing her clinical at Shady grove hospital. She told me that she likes it here at USG because she has the opportunity to experience hands-on nursing through internships organized by USG in partnership with hospitals and clinics close to the campus. She also feels fortunate to have state of the art equipment for nursing housed here at USG.

Since I am a public health major with the University of Maryland, College Park, I did not find it hard to become a Terp. I also met wonderful women through Students Engaged In Public Health (SEIPH).   I sat down with the president of SEIPH, Allison. She walked me through how she and other students were enjoying every step of the way.   She explained how she and other students were dedicated to the cause of preventing diseases, protecting and prolonging people’s lives.

Beast cancer month

From left: Allison, Robelyn, Leona, and Christine

At this point I know someone is saying is this an experience about women only, no its not!   I also met with a fine young men majoring in Business Management with the University of Maryland, University College who said he preferred to remain anonymous. He said every student in his major brought in unique skills and ideas that help make the experience much more irresistible to miss.   He said all students in his major are taught real world skills and knowledge, as they interact with local businesses.   It was not difficult to guess this guy’s major. He had a suit and tie with shiny shoes. You can’t miss a guy in business suit. I am just saying.

Finally, I want to close by reminding those in other majors and institutions here at the Universities at Shady grove that I did not mention, I did not leave you out on purpose, I believe that here at the Universities at Shady Grove “out of many we are one.”   The stories I have told belong to all of us. Even though we are in different majors and institutions our experiences begin and end here as a family.   I am going to blog more and that means I get to cover everyone.   I want everyone to gradually grasp how our experiences here at USG converge into one interesting journey.

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2 Responses to At USG it’s not just about education alone, but the experience

  1. Margaret says:

    Nice job Chris! I can see you are very proud of USG. It makes me want to go there too!

  2. AllieRo91 says:

    Thanks for giving SEIPH a shout out! You’re definitely right that the experience at USG is a unique one for all of us. Can’t wait to see what you write about next.

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