Student BlogsWelcome to Around the Grove, the official student blog of The Universities at Shady Grove! Students are able to blog about their college experiences, both inside and outside of the classroom. Read about their triumphs, trials and everyday lives that makes being a college student so uniquely life changing — and challenging. Feel free to connect with them by leaving a comment or asking them questions.

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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. SK says:

    I love the banner for the blog, it is creative and the colors are vibrant! I especially love that graphic design work done on the sundial. The diversity and the uniqueness of the bloggers themselves makes this an entertaining and refreshing addition to our site!

    • randie.hov says:

      Thank you, SK! I made the banner for “Around the Grove.” It makes me so happy that you took the time to compliment my contribution to the blog. 🙂 I agree that the students are all doing a great job as USG bloggers.

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