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Book Recommendations

I enjoy reading! BUT I often start a book and don’t finish it. Maybe people can relate? I definitely go through phases where I enjoy sitting down and diving into a good book. Typically, during the semester I am too … Continue reading

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Reading for pleasure!

  Sounds like a dream for us readers! especially during the semester, when I am bombarded with loads of assignments, projects and text book reading. I love my Major, so I would not complain much about text book reading. Those … Continue reading

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To Be, Or Not To Be Idle

The other day, I was talking to a good friend of mine and he asked, “How can I become a better writer?” I suddenly had a flash back to two semesters ago when I was in my business writing class. Every single day, before my professor started the class discussion, she would ask us: “What have you guys read this week?”…. Continue reading

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