Hi, my name is Samuel Dussey. My colleagues call me Sam and my basketball friends call me “dunking Sam.” I am a Transfer Student from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois and an International Student from West Africa. I am currently a senior majoring in political science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County at the Universities at Shady Grove campus, expecting graduation 2017. I am also 6’6″ tall, and was born in France (Embelly).

I have multiple different hobbies but the one that stands out the most is playing basketball. I can literally spend 10 hours in the gym playing. It is healthy, a great anti-depressor and a great friend maker machine.

At the Universities at Shady Grove, apart from going to school, I work at the Priddy Library as a Librarian Assistant. I am part of the student council where I serve as a representative for the Towson University and the University of Baltimore. I am also president of the African Students Organization and the International Club. Being both an African and International student enable me to understand different perspectives and cultures, and allows me to help represent them more. I try to stay busy and be involved with my fellow students. I believe that creating a family is as valuable at school as getting any other experiences. I believe school is not just about learning, but also about personal growth.

Becoming a blogger to me is an important task because I believe not everyone is on campus and others are also in programs such as study abroad. They, therefore, rely on us bloggers to fill them in on what is going on campus or things that they missed out on but that are really helpful for them. I will try to use this opportunity to represent the school, the students, and the community around me. Being a blogger also gives me the opportunity to express myself as not only a student but also as a political science major. It helps my writing but also gives me a platform to reach others and inform them.

Finally, if you could be granted a supper power, which one would you wish for? Now Be careful what you wish for! I would wish for understanding. With Understanding, everything is possible.