USG Zoha FullshotHey everyone! My name is Zoha and I am a senior Biological Sciences Major at the University of Maryland, College Park at the Universities at Shady Grove currently applying to medical school. I am proud to say that this is my second year as a USG Student Blogger and am excited to talk about all the crazy moments that happen before I graduate!

I transferred from UMBC’s main campus to UMCP at USG, and I really enjoy the sense of community here as well as the smaller class sizes. Getting to know my professors was important to me – we are all going to need that letter of recommendation sooner or later.

USG has also given me so many opportunities. I have been able to gain leadership positions such as Events and Initiatives Chair of Student Council, Vice Chair of Recruitment for Student Event Board, Secretary for Science Café, and being a Peer Mentor at the Career and Internship Services Center. School really is just work if you do not get involved, so I feel like it is really important for all students to be able to have the chance to do so.

Anyways, I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with all of you and I hope that everyone has been able to see all that USG has to offer like I have!

P.S. I am a student assistant at the Library so, in all places, you will probably see me working at the desk. If you recognize me be sure to say hi!

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