Hi everyone, my name is Roni.Roni Portrait

I am a student in the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Nursing program at USG. I have wanted to be a midwife ever since I was eight years, and nursing school is one of the very final steps!

I work as a Doula now, a birth partner for women, as well as a Vinyasa yoga teacher and infant massage educator. I have been practicing yoga for five years and teaching for three.

I love languages, dark chocolate, rain showers, sparkly things, the smell of autumn and good strong black coffee. I love to cook and make things from scratch, write, eat, and explore. I think it is important to notice the magic around us each day, even if just for an instant.

This blog will be a fun collection of gems that may help spruce up your day or week. I will be focusing on sharing simple tricks on how to incorporate holistic living into our daily lives as students. Some weeks might be recipes and food hacks, others might include a five minute yoga video or a recipe for a homemade face mask. I look forward to learning, writing, and sharing this Grove Grab Bag of Goodness with you!