MelissaThis is my first year as a student in the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). I am in the part-time MBA program, which is convenient since I can earn money, and go to school at the same time – ca-ching!

I’ve recently become interested in vlogging on YouTube, so I figured I’d give being a USG blogger a shot. Even though my boyfriend had to download some app to get us some 1,000 “views” on one of our many videos (which have like 14-72 views), I have a feeling with some more practice we’ll get a solid fan base! I love to go to the gym. I have to admit that I definitely idolize the female fitness athletes I follow on Instagram and YouTube. Actually, I think I love Carmen’s custard and Marble Slab ice cream even more, which is why I’ll probably never have a six-pack (the ice cream is definitely worth it though).

I am an extrovert (ESFJ to be exact). Almost nothing is weird or awkward to me. Regardless, I’d choose a night in, wearing sweatpants and an oversized T over going out to a bar.

In the past year I’ve: been the first in my family to start a Master’s program, bought a new car, moved out of my house, gotten my first job, adopted a puppy, traveled to Paris and Punta Cana, put my older dog down, gotten in two car accidents, and dealt with shingles. My goal as a blogger is to be fun, and as real about life’s ups and downs as possible.

Hoping you like cheesy jokes and deep thoughts,