LaylaMy name is Layla, and I’m in my senior year at the University of Maryland, College Park, pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Communication at The Universities at Shady Grove campus. This semester I am interning with a non-profit organization in Gaithersburg, MD – God’s Connection Transition (GCT). GCT is a local food bank serving the impoverished people in the DMV area. A major project I’ll be working on this semester will be developing the newsletter and blog for GCT’s new Reach Campaign with the goal to gain enough funding to expand and grow the organization.

My passion for writing and reporting has grown extensively throughout my college career, and my experience in documentary production and other professional experiences at my internships have made me a stronger writer and researcher.

I’m currently fascinated with international travel and culture. Coming from a mixed background I was fortunate enough to have been exposed to different cultures, foods, and languages. My mother’s side of the family is German while my father’s side is Sudanese & French. I identify more with my German side as I was born in Germany, speak the language fluently, and most of my family still lives in Germany. My ties with Germany have also made it possible for me to explore other countries in Europe. Following my graduation in May 2016, I’m hoping to expand my travels to a whole new part of the world – Asia and South America.

Besides blogging and traveling, I also love trying new foods and testing out new recipes at home. Health and fitness is another important aspect in my life and I do my best to eat healthy and get active on a regular basis. Another hobby of mine is photography and interior design, I love enriching my life with creative outlets like these especially through the USG blog. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with my readers in this new school year.

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