JuanitaHey! My name is Juanita Benavides and I’m so excited to begin this journey! I am a junior in the Towson University Elementary Ed/Special Ed (EESE) program here at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). Many times the workload seems impossible, but I keep my dreams in mind and I push forward. Let me tell you more about myself.

I am Mexican-American. I was born here in Maryland, and plan to live in Maryland the rest of my life. My parents came here a little over 20 years ago, and they have been my biggest support system. I love to color, dance, stare at clouds, be involved with school activities, volunteer, do my makeup, and clearly, write. I would say it’s my strongest suit, but I think blogging, or at least getting ideas helps everyone. I wanted to start blogging for Around the Grove because this campus is so amazing and friendly. I hope to share my life with you guys and how this program is going. I am, apparently, the first Towson student that has come to blog, so if you are reading this, and are thinking about attending a program at USG, go for it! You will love it here for sure!

As far as professional goals, I am going to be an elementary school teacher soon. My end goal in life is to become the Secretary of Education for the United States. I plan to get there, not entirely sure on the exact steps to do so, but I will get there someday! After that goal is complete, I want to help other countries get their education systems going well because everyone deserves the opportunity to get an education.

I hope everyone reading this enjoys reading my blog and everyone else on the team!