My name is Joel Landy, and I am a current student at the University of Baltimore at  the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). I recently transferred over from Montgomery College, where I got my Associate’s Degree. My major is Simulation & Entertainment – Technical Arts track. I am working towards my Bachelor’s degree. I am currently working for the Office of Student Services at the Universities at Shady Grove, so feel free to come in and say hi.

Throughout my childhood, and even today, I have been passionate about video games. When I was younger, I would play on my Gameboy every day, and eventually I got a Wii console, and now a Wii U. I love games because they are fun and exciting, and allow me to experience things that I can’t experience in the real world. I find myself dedicating a few hours a week playing video games, and even more so during a break.

When I learned about the Simulation and Game Design degree at University of Baltimore I knew I wanted in. My dream job is to work in a game production company, and hopefully someday – Nintendo. I will try my best to work my way towards that goal. Fortunately, USG has an office dedicated in helping students find jobs and internships.

My long-term goal is to become a part of the video game industry, and be a part in creating the next generation of games. The cool thing about creating games – even the smallest things I see out in the real world can be considered research. I can use real world ideas to come up with ideas for virtual worlds.  I dream of traveling the world, taking inspirations from places I will visit, to come up with ideas for future games. 

I look forward to writing blogs for you guys to read and enjoy!