Dilani portraitHi, guys! My name is Dilani. This is my final year as a University of Maryland, College Park student, and blogger for Around the Grove.

If you don’t already know, I’m 21 years old, and a Montgomery County native. My family is from Sri Lanka and Cambodia. I went to The University of Tampa freshman year, but then transferred to Montgomery College, and now here I am, a UMD student at The Universities at Shady Grove.

I’ve been sharing my experiences with you all ever since I started the second half of my undergraduate journey here at The Universities at Shady Grove. USG has given me the hope to accomplish more than I ever thought was possible. I’m surrounded by students who are just as motivated as me, if not more, to make an impact in this world.

This school year, I’m interning at Mercy Health Clinic in Gaithersburg, taking some of the toughest courses that exist in the Public Health Science program, working part-time, and applying for graduate schools, and that’s right, you all get to be a part of this madness.

I’m pumped to get my grind on these last two semesters and finally earning my Bachelor’s degree in Public Health Science! Thanks for reading! And welcome to my blog! Brace yourself for a trip Around the Grove.

One Response to Dilani

  1. Lakshani says:

    Hi Dilani!!
    That is great you are so excited to make a difference! Not many young students are so motivated!!!! Good luck and can’t wait to see what adventures you share with us!

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