USG Derek fullshotHi, my name is Derek and I am a senior at the University of Maryland, College Park Smith School of Business. I’m focusing on international business because, if you knew my life, you would know it’s a perfect fit. I have spent a life-time answering the question “Where are you from?” and frankly I like to say “everywhere!” Being an Air Force brat gave me the opportunity to travel and live in other states and foreign countries: Spain, Italy, California, and now Maryland, have all been my stomping grounds growing up. I graduated from Frederick Community College and decided to live in Rockville to attend USG (who here hates I-270 traffic?).

Living near campus is the best decision I ever made, check that, choosing The Universities at Shady Grove campus is the best decision I ever made. I had the option to attend both campuses and decided that Rockville had better housing, work opportunities, and safety compared to College Park. If you have ever driven down Shady Grove road you would understand that this place is abound with opportunities.

There are many types of students, and each person has decided when and how they will complete college. I like to say I fit into the late comer category. After graduating high school I took off for Madrid, Spain to become an English teacher and absolutely loved it, so much so, I lived six years abroad. There comes a point in a person’s life that living in the present loses its youthful charm and as you mature your plans for tomorrow take priority. My goal of becoming a business professional was just over the horizon and to get there I needed an education. The Smith School of Business at USG is the bridge that will take me to where I want to be in life.

On campus I am involved with the Student Ambassador Program, where we promote the campus to surrounding schools and colleges. When I am not on campus you will find me playing soccer and running the beaten path (there are some great running routes in this area). I am unofficially the most approachable guy on campus, so please, introduce yourself and let’s be friends.

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