ChrisHello and welcome! My name is Christopher Majano and I am a first-generation college student looking to achieve my aspiration of becoming a family physician. Born to immigrants from El Salvador, my identity and values have been shaped by my homes, here and there. I want to share my experiences and knowledge with all of you to help you on your paths, wherever that path may lead.

My journey thus far has taken me through some interesting, fun, tough, and plain bizarre experiences in my life. Still, as I continue down this road I only get more determined to make this dream come true!

I am a proud graduate of Montgomery College and Springbrook High School, having earn an Associate’s of Science in Life Sciences at Montgomery College. I am currently a University of Maryland, College Park student majoring in Biological Sciences at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG). From here I hope to enter medical school at John Hopkins or the University of Maryland, Baltimore where I hope to enter into a dual PhD/MD program or a MD program. I currently work as an Emergency Department medical scribe, taking notes for physicians as they see patients which has given me key insight into to the healthcare field. I also volunteer at my local fire station, currently training to become an EMT. Aside from being a Student Blogger I am also part of Terps Without Borders.

I love reading, writing, learning (no, seriously), and overall having fun. I work hard in school but I know the importance of taking time to relax and blow off steam. My favorite band is Coldplay and I love listening to their music when it’s time to sit back. When I’m studying I frequently take breaks where involve reading or binge-watching YouTube.  My favorite book is Everyday by David Levithan and my favorite movie is Avatar, the good one.

Thank you for joining me on my journey! I hope that my time writing about my experiences at USG will prove to be useful to someone out there. Until next time!