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Towson University at USG, EESE Program! Follow me on this journey for tips and tricks to get through it all!

That Awkward Moment When You Have to Post a Blog on Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving everyone! No matter what political view, religious view, personal view you have about Thanksgiving, I hope today you have to chance to sit down at the dinner table with some loved ones and be thankful for all the … Continue reading

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My Footsteps as a Kendall Scholar

I have gone to MCPS my entire life, from elementary school to high school. In my classes now, I realize how I may have been classified as a child “at-risk” of failing. Many of the socioeconomic indicators were present in … Continue reading

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But Let Me Tell You What I Did this Weekend

I was given the opportunity to also become a student ambassador here on campus. This past sunday, the 22nd, I went to an event that was held at Watkins Mill High School, here in the county. It was an information … Continue reading

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Lesson Plans are Turning into Lessons Learned

     As an Elementary Education major, lesson plans are supposed to come to us naturally and easily. I have to be honest, I love teaching and love making lesson plan ideas. However, the lesson plans we have to write … Continue reading

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Leadership over lunch with our very own Dr. Edelstein!

One of my main goals in life is to become the Secretary of Education for the United States. I want to have opportunities to meet great leaders and ask their stories. Therefore, I decided I would go to the undergraduate … Continue reading

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