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7 things I am thankful for!

This is what is probably on your mind right now: cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, pies, stuffing and that good ol’ Thanksgiving turkey! With all these thoughts racing through your mind, I thought of making my post short and sweet. … Continue reading

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November is national scholarship month!

I applied to the Masters in Social Work (MSW) program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) in January of 2016. I was extremely anxious because I wanted to get the acceptance letter. The anxiety led me to … Continue reading

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How to Ace that Mid-Term: Spaced Learning?

When I was in high school in Kenya, I believed that you had to quantify or measure the time you spend preparing for a paper. The more hours I spent reading, the more I felt I had accomplished a successful … Continue reading

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Self-care is essentially self-preservation. It is taking steps to ensure that you maintain physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. I believe it also means balancing physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness as sometimes we are quick to focus on one … Continue reading

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7 tips that helped this mom start graduate school successfully

Parenting is hard by itself, now go ahead and throw employment and graduate school on top of that. Sounds like a recipe for chaos, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can accomplish graduate school while working … Continue reading

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