I believe that we exist to experience our existence.

Currently, I am eight classes away from completing my Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration at University of Maryland’s University College at The Universities at Shady Grove. I’m not yet sure where I’m going to pursue my next degree, but I know that I will begin a masters program next year. I work a full-time job for the US Department of Defense, where I manage software development projects and try to help people be more efficient through the use of information technology. I’m also an entrepreneur; I offer IT and management consulting for small and midsize businesses of all types.

When I’m not too busy with all of that, I like to hike. I’m not talking about a few hours around the lake; I’m talking 15-20 miles a day in the backcountry. Or, I like to go for a bike ride, like from Pittsburg to D.C. or from Philly to Atlantic City. I also like to kayak, surf, catch fish, work on cars, work on my house, brew beer, and a million other things (except television or video games).

In the past, I served in the US Navy Submarine Service for ten years. I drove the USS Alabama SSBN 731 around the Pacific Ocean, helping to keep our nation’s nuclear missiles safe and ready. In 2005, I helped sink a ship, the Ex-USS Fife, as part of an exercise.

My wife and I live in Frederick, MD and when we’re not adventuring, or planning the next adventure, we can be found spending time with our friends at some of the great restaurants, breweries, and bars here.