K-dramas to binge while on summer vacation

Welcome to my last post of the semester! I’m so grateful for being given the opportunity to share my advice, recommendations, and stories will you all. I hope that I was able to provide something useful for you to use in the future. Remember to finish out the semester strong! 

Since summer break is starting and many of you will probably have a few hours of free time here and there….I’m going to finally give you all my favorite korean drama (k-drama) recommendations. I’m not saying that you should be watching these in between your internships and summer classes…but that’s exactly what I’m saying. 

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Strong Woman Bong-soon 

My first ever k-drama! I was a reluctant viewer at first but soon found myself laughing to tears. The story is so comical, so thrilling, that I finished all 16 episodes in one day. It’s about a girl who was hired as a bodyguard for a CEO of a company due to her superhuman strength. It’s so cute. And there’s an underlying crime theme that added the perfect touch to the story. 

Source: imdb


The most exciting show that I watched in 2021. Filled with dark humor, law intrigue, and a gripping backstory, I highly incline you all to watch this. The cinematography is beautiful and the budget of the drama incredibly high, I promise it’s worth your time! It’s about an Italian-Korean mafia consigliere who returns to Korea to find the gold hidden by his former boss and encounters a building full of renters instead….

Source: imdb 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo 

I can gush about how cute it is all day long. Diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, Young Woo excelled in her University classes as the top student. She got into law school due to her excellent memory and thought process. But the real struggle came after she joined a law firm. Each episode is so much fun and involves a different law case. I learned so much from this show! 

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2 Responses to K-dramas to binge while on summer vacation

  1. Aisha Sowe says:

    Thank you for this post Mubassira! I’ve been meaning to get back into k-dramas but the last show I might revisit one day. Strong woman was also one of my first K-dramas!

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