My journey as a writer

A blue neon sign that says “What Is Your Story?” in front of a window (Source: Etienne Giradet on Unsplash).

Writing has been something that I have always gravitated towards for a long time. When I was around eight or nine years old, I wanted to become an author and write stories and to this day, I still think about one day publishing a novel or two. 

My journey as a writer has grown over the past few years with opportunities that allowed me to craft this skill. The first time I’d say I took my writing seriously was when I was a sophomore in high school. I signed up to take Introduction to Journalism where I got to learn the basics of journalism writing. 

After a semester of taking the class, I ended up joining the newspaper! I was a staff writer for my sophomore and junior years and for my senior year, I was one of the associate editors. My teacher, Ms. Sara Confino, helped me grow as a writer and always supported me as a student. Being in her class was one of the reasons why I stayed on staff for most of my high school experience. 

Upon graduating high school, I entered what many adults would say “the real world”. “The real world” as always, granted me some tough challenges along the way. One of which was my passion for journalism. I eventually started to lose my interest in journalism due to the challenges I could face within the field. 

However, I should understand that getting into my career field of writing is not going to be an easy walk in the park no matter what path I will take. I mentioned in my first blog post that I changed my major from international studies to communication. In hindsight, I realized that studying communication was something that I could have done from the beginning of my college journey. 

Now that I am a student at USG, I have been granted opportunities to help me grow as a writer outside of what I wanted to do originally with my career plans. I started out by becoming a writer here at Around the Grove to share my experience being a student on campus. By sharing my experiences, I wanted students and staff to take away what I’ve learned during my time at USG. 

In addition to the blog, I took a screenwriting class! The class is an elective taught by Dr. Adam Nixon and we primarily learned how to write screenplays for films. Screenwriting was another avenue that I had considered and this class allowed me to not only grow as a writer but as a communicator. 

Even though writing is a life-long career path I’m on, writing has given me a sense of identity and ease in what I want to do. Even in my downtime, I like to write whether that’s journaling about my day or even learning poetry. After a few years of figuring out myself, I realized that being a communication major has helped me expand my career journey and who I am.

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1 Response to My journey as a writer

  1. Steve Simon says:

    Few skills in life will take you as far as writing, Aisha! I enjoy your writing and really appreciate your commitment to continuous and lifelong growth. Let’s talk writing and career goals one day — I’d love to have that conversation with you. We have really appreciated your great work in blogging this year here in the USG Marketing and Communications Office. Keep up the great work!

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