Getting Out of a Reading Slump

Source: Giphy

Whether you want to read the latest fictional novel released by your favorite author or finally go through the pile of recommendations your friend gave you, a reading slump can hit at any time. Some of you might’ve never even heard of the term. What exactly is a reading slump and how exactly does it apply to you? I’m sure at some point in your life you’ve wanted to pick up a book but found yourself hesitant, tired, and unwilling to go through an entire story. You might’ve loved reading, but suddenly found yourself hating it. The book isn’t “hitting” anymore and you wonder who even invented reading. 

Switch up the method of reading

Are you usually a physical book type of reader? Do you like flipping through pages and annotating paragraphs? Well try changing that! Pick up the e-book version, read it on kindle, or listen to it on audiobook! While you’re working out or doing chores around the house, audiobooks are perfect to listen to. And ebooks are much easier to access and carry around, so you can read them anywhere at any time . See if that helps!

Experiment with a new genre

Whatever genre you usually stick with, try picking a different one especially if it’s not something you’d usually read. If you’re more of a fantasy reader who enjoys reading about magic systems and mythical creatures, how about you try a mystery thriller or comics instead?

Reread your favorites

Sometimes going back to your favorite books can help bring back memories of why you loved reading. Since you already know that you’re going to like the book, it’s easier to finish it and reconnect with familiar characters. 

Began a shorter novel

Finishing lengthy novels can seem daunting, especially if you don’t feel like reading. That’s why it’s the best trick to finish something quickly and reward yourself for getting it done. That feeling of accomplishment will help you start on your next book. 

Source: Giphy

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