A Lesson From The Pandemic

A struggle I have recently been facing again is finding a medium between being overly worked and being bored. This brought me back to prior to the pandemic; when I felt that the more I had on my plate, the better I performed. I thrived under the pressure and believed that being constantly busy was a sign of success. However, as the world shut down and we were forced to slow down, I realized that constantly being on the go wasn’t sustainable.

I used to fill my schedule with as many activities and commitments as possible. I would work full time, attend highschool while also attending college, and also make sure my social calendar was always full. I prided myself on being able to juggle everything and still succeed. However, when Covid hit, everything came to an end. Suddenly, I found myself with a lot more free time on my hands- I had no idea what to do!

At first, I enjoyed the break; I was able to catch up on sleep, spend more time with my family, and binge watch tv. But as time went on, I started to feel restless. I missed the feeling of being busy and productive. I didn’t want to go back to being overstretched and overwhelmed, but I also didn’t want to feel bored. It took some time, but eventually, I found a balance.

I started to prioritize my time differently. Instead of taking on everything that came my way, I was more selective about the commitments I made. I made sure to schedule downtime and self-care into my day, even if it meant saying no to something else. I also learned to appreciate the slower pace of life and the moments of stillness that I had previously avoided.

The pandemic forced us all to slow down and reprioritize. While for me it wasn’t an easy adjustment, it was a necessary one. So, amidst unprecedented circumstances, this realization is one that I am very grateful for. By finding a balance between being overly busy and bored, we can all create a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle!

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