Winter To-Do List: Final Snow Day Parties

For those of us who like throwing ourselves down mountains, skiing through trees, or snowboarding over hills, this winter has been hard. Not only was it warm and wet, but it also was crowded on the mountains. Seldom was a day found this winter with the perfect snow-making conditions, let alone the perfect winter sports conditions. It has been a hard winter for us, but even a hard winter can end well.

Many of my favorite resorts have already closed their winter hills for spring, especially with the 60-degree weather from the last few days, yet the few still open plan to throw their final-day parties; something I will never miss out on.

Here are some of the parties not to miss during winter’s final days:

1.) Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Photo From Bear Creek:

Bear Creek always throws the best of parties, filled with so many activities that they never can all fit into one day. For the final days of winter, Bear Creek is celebrating two separate days this year.

  • March 12 – Carboard Box Races
  • March 19 – Pond Skim

On March 12, Bear Creek’s annual Cardboard box race will return to the mountain’s tubing hill once again. Starting check-in at 9am, the cardboard box race will begin with the sled inspection, to make sure that all sleds are made of only cardboard, duct tape, and zip ties. At 11am, the race begins, and whether you are participating or watching, anyone will enjoy the exhilaration of the races and who makes it down first. At the very end of the race, winners will be picked for the most creative sled and the fastest.

If you are looking for a race with a bit more stakes in play, the Pond Skim might be more up your alley. A Pond Skim is a competition known well in the skiing and snowboarding world as the end of all seasons. During a Pond Skim, contestants throw themselves down the mountainside, toward a long lake at the base. Whoever makes it to the end of the lake, makes the biggest splash, or has the best costume usually wins a prize. While Bear Creek hasn’t fully detailed their Pond Skim for this year, we can bet, from prior experience, that Bear Creek with throw the liveliest Pond Skim this side of the mountains.

You can find more details here!

2.) Seven Spring Mountain Resort

Photo by Seven Spring Youtube:
  • March 25 – Pond Skim

On March 25th, Seven Spring Mountain Resort is hosting its own Pond Skim. 100 brave skiers and snowboarders will ride toward the water’s edge in hopes of being the best; the best skimmer, the best costume, or the best splash. If getting wet and cold isn’t your favorite thing to do on a Saturday, you can watch with a cold beer from one of the most picturesque cafeterias and bars on the Pennsylvania mountainside, the Foggy Goggle.

Seven Springs is also home to an amazing bowling alley, a full arcade, an axe throwing room, and so much more, so once the pond skim ends, stay around for a little while to explore one of the most well-known ski resorts in PA.

You can find more detail here!

3.) Bryce Resort

Photo by Bryce Resort:
  • March 11 – Pancake and Waffle Breakfast
  • March 11 – Polar Bear Plunge
  • March 11 – Ski/Snowboard Race
  • March 11 – Costume Parade
  • March 11 – Pond Skim

Saving the best for last, Bryce Resort is never one to disappoint. With a whole day’s worth of activities, there is plenty to keep you busy on March 11th. Starting with a pancake and waffle breakfast, you can sit back and relax as you watch the plunge take place just outside. After breakfast, the race starts, followed by a parade of skimmers in their best attire. Finally, the fated pond skim begins, and the day is ended with a sunset through the mountaintops.

You can find more details here!

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