4 Anime to Get to Know Me 

I know, I know…not everybody loves anime. But as one of your fellow USG student, I feel inclined to get you all on board, and maybe try one or two? I rarely meet people who share similar tastes in anime like me, but I hope these selection below manage to pique your interest! 

Source: imdb.com

Raven of the Inner Palace

Recently aired, this anime remained one of the most underrated of last season. With beautiful artwork and engaging storytelling, I binge-watched all 12 episodes in one day. The overarching plot of the anime revolves around a palace and the life of an Emperor and his Consorts. Each episode is filled with intrigue, thrill and supernatural elements that kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters go through great development and I absolutely loved the main heroine!

Source: imdb.com

Spy x Family

Broken down into two parts, Spy x Family has been all the rage last year. Wholesome, fun, and action-packed, this anime has something to enjoy for everyone. The basic gist of the story is that a spy has to successfully complete a mission but in order to do so, he must pretend to be in a family of his own, which is why he adopts a telepathic child to be his daughter and an assassin woman to be his wife. Overall, it was hilarious and you’ll see what I mean when you watch it!

Source: imdb.com


My comfort anime. Whenever I’m down and need a lift, I turn on this show. Hinata, a middle school boy, was pretty short compared to others his age but he was inspired by another player on the volleyball court. He decided that he wanted to be a professional volleyball player so he signed up for the team after going to high school. He meets a lot of great players, learns and grows his character, and finds ways to improve his skill set. The anime has amazing friendship, funny dialogues and a lot of cool life lessons!

Source: polygon.com

Fruits Basket 

Another one of my favorites! Revamped from the 2001 style, the newer version has managed to rank in the Top 10 of all anime on MAL (myanimelist website). Consisting of the 13 zodiac animals, characters of the show each reflect one animal and they are cursed to live the way they are…until a girl named Tohru Honda comes along. She was the light that brightened up everyone’s life and I honestly love her so much! Filled with joy, sadness, struggles, and romance, I highly recommend this one.

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