Coping With Anxiety…One Step at a Time 

What triggers your anxiety? Anxiety is something that I’m sure a lot of you experience. It could lead to a full-blown panic attack, or it may just simmer on the surface and affect your normal day-to-day activities. When you’re anxious, do you immediately know how to deal with it? Do the strategies you use help reduce your anxiety? Here is a list of anxiety coping mechanisms that have personally helped me and I hope they help you too. 


Breathing gifs 

Source: Anxiety United 

Simple and effective. These might look silly, but the exercise helps you to control your breathing and take in more oxygen, which calms both your mind and body. While you’re focusing on the shapes and instructions on the gif, you’re momentarily distracted and have to focus on what’s right in front of you. Try it right now!


Escape through music

With many streaming platforms currently available, try creating a playlist with some of your favorite songs (mix in some upbeat in there too). Studies have shown that listening to music reduces cortisol levels and increases other hormones such as endorphins. Because music is tied to our emotions, we can affect how we feel through the tap of a play button. 

Comfort shows/movies/books

I know I’m not the only one who revisits comfort movies and books when I’m upset and need a distraction. Often when I feel anxious, I find myself resorting to characters that feel “familiar” to me and it helps me concentrate, calms my nerves, and makes most of my worries seem lackluster compared to their inter-galaxy adventures. 

Source: Diary of a Journal Planner


To be honest, I’ve only started doing this recently so I can’t vouch for its effectiveness 100%. But so far, it’s been fun having full control on how I organize the journal! I’ve been playing around with colorful markers and pens, randomly doodling the pages, writing down my thoughts and pages where I scribble at the peak of my anxiety.


This may sound morbid, but sometimes crying is all that you can do. Let out those emotions! As your tears escape, think of them as the negative feelings that have been pestering you all day.

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