Looking Forward to the Future

A vision board is a collage that can help you visualize your goals and dreams. Last December, I made my first vision board. Before that, I only thought of a vision board as something fun to make on a whim at group get-togethers. Now, I think vision boards can help if you’re struggling with motivation and holding yourself accountable. It was also easy to make, and I had a lot of fun with the process. Creating my vision board helped me with my stress last semester. If a physical vision board isn’t right for you, I think that digital vision boards are another good option. They can be a bit easier to make and still give you the desired effect. We’re still so early in the year, so I think it could be a nice project for anyone reading.   

A digital vision board
Source: The Chattery
Source: The E List

My process began with getting a foam board that I’d use to put all the pictures on. I got mine from Hobby Lobby, (similar to this) but you could also find one at places like Michaels, Target, Walmart, etc. Mine was big, so I had a lot of space and room to work with. After that, I went to some more stores to look for magazines, which was a little hard because I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to put on my vision board. I also didn’t know if any magazine would have a lot of images that I’d want to use. I ended up getting two magazines that looked like they’d fit the overall vibe I was going for. 

Source: Craftwhack

Then, I spent a day or two scouring through the magazines and cutting out all the words and pictures I thought I would use. I knew there’d be some things I’d want to add to the vision board that weren’t going to be in the magazines, so I also printed a few pictures out. The next step was to lay out the pictures and words on my foam board and move things around how I saw fit. I came up with a few variations of the vision board and took some pictures of them. I compared the options and decided on which variation I’d use. Next, I started using double-sided tape to secure my images to the board. I did have to go back to the magazines every now and then to find different things to fill in small white spaces. 

My vision board is on the wall of my room, and I like looking at it from time to time as a reminder of how I want my future to look like. Each time, I get more and more excited about what the future holds for me. 

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2 Responses to Looking Forward to the Future

  1. Aisha Sowe says:

    Love your article, Rachel! I also made a vision board (my second time making one) and it’s truly a wonderful idea for setting goals in the future.

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