Fun fact, I used to tell everyone that the minute I turned 18 I would get “YOLO” tattooed on my wrist. When everyone informed me how silly and unprofessional that would be, I simply ignored them. To me, especially at that time, I felt the acronym of “YOLO” to be something I lived by. Luckily, I never committed to the tattoo of it; but, the meaning has been a recurring theme recently which prompted me to write about it.

“YOLO” stands for you only live once. It is funny thinking of being a 15 year old and thinking I had enough control and maturity for me to need to make the most out of life, but at this point in life, I do. I have recently caught myself being very excited for the next chapter of my life. For example, towards the end of fall semester, I could not wait for winter break to start. During winter break, I could not wait for school to start. And guess how I feel now that spring semester is in full swing…

The constant excitement for the next chapter can give us hope, but can also allow for us to miss so much in the present. Which is why I personally have made more of an effort to appreciate the day to day moments. 

I tended to get bored of my current life because it would become routine. Because of this, I made an effort to differentiate days by adding new tasks or events to my life. In fact, this concept has been one of my overarching goals of 2023. Afterall, this year holds so much change that I do not want to overlook the comfortability of stability. Stability allows for just as much growth and opportunity as change does, if not more. 

The concept of living everyday as if it is the last is not always easy, especially when we all have so many responsibilities to uphold. But to an extent, I do think that small steps can be implemented to soon live the life we find to be exciting in itself. Doing whatever makes you happy and excited to live each day is extremely important.

I recently lost this mindset, and upon realizing that, I figured I would share it too. Again, it is super easy to get comfortable and even bored with life, which is the perfect time to “YOLO” it. Do whatever makes you happy! You really do only live once! 

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