Why You Should Cruise for Spring Break 

Even though spring break is almost 2 months away, it’s never too late to plan ahead for a great week of entertainment. Recently I just came back from a cruise and I know that as students we are always looking for ways to spend a great time with our friends and family amidst all the exams and homework. Let me give you the scoop on all there is to do on a ship! But make sure you book early because those tickets sell out fast

1.Road trip to Florida

While most people decide to fly to a cruise port, I’m partial to driving there with my family. It’s cool to see the changes in scenery and visit some notable attractions on the way to our destination. I highly recommend it! We stopped at numerous beaches along the way which only heightened our excitement for the cruise.

2. The food

It’s no secret that your cruise ticket comes with complimentary food. I have to say—you will NOT be prepared for the amount of variety you will get to choose from. There is a buffet for break, lunch and dinner (with the theme changing for the latter). Ice cream stations are posted around the entire ship, where you get to eat as many as you want. And did I mention free pizza? And the best part of all, the fancy dinners in the dining rooms make you feel like a celebrity at a 5 star hotel.

3. Activities on the ship 

The entertainment onboard are endless. On the very first night, you get to experience a parade consisting of many different performers of different backgrounds showing off their culture. Then later at night, an incredible ice skating performance is shown that will leave your jaw hanging. Depending on how long you stay, the next couple of days will also include many theater shows and performances. In addition to that, there are pools, game arcades, sport courts, rock climbing and more. 

4. The destination 

Well, depending on where your cruise is sailing, there is so much to see and take in at the next port. For example, while at the Bahamas, I was able to explore one of their private islands and get a chance to see dolphins at the infamous Atlantis. The turquoise-blue water was a sight to behold while lounging on the warm-sandy beach. I hope the pictures below manages to convince you as well!

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  1. Reaseaorg says:

    Sounds a fun relaxing break 🙂

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