Two Truths and a Lie

With finals starting next week and the fall semester coming to an end, what better way to de-stress than testing (pun intended!) your knowledge on the very campus you’re studying at? I’ll present you with 2 facts and a lie associated with the Universities at Shady Grove. Your job is to decide which story is the false one, good luck and remember no cheating!


(1) The University was originally founded in 2001, developed to provide both undergraduate and graduate degrees to students coming from nine different universities in Maryland. Located in central Rockville, the campus offers the same courses and curriculum as the student’s main campuses, with the actual classes taken at the USG campus. After completing their courses, students will receive their degree from their main campus, which is especially convenient for those that want to study in an atmosphere with smaller class sizes and more inclusive opportunities. 

Source: Tenor

(2) Opened 3 years ago, the Biomedical Sciences and Engineering (BSE) building contributes to the enhancement of students’ learning by creating spaces for advancement in healthcare, mathematics, biosciences, computer science, and more. In an industry demanding these skills, the university hopes to provide students with the tools necessary to receive real-world experiences and develop their knowledge. Towering over 6 stories, the facility consists of 220,000 sq feet of space and has almost 12 well-furnished laboratories for teaching and researching. It is also equipped with clinical settings and an entrepreneurship center where students can make the most usage of the building’s facilities. 

Source: PrimoGif

(3) USG offers around 80 undergraduate and graduate programs. With approximately 4,000 students currently attending the campus, the number is expected to go up much higher in the future. Ranging from Bioscience/Public Health to Business/Communications to Engineering/Information Technology and more, there are various fields for students to venture into. 

Source: makeagif

As a junior studying Public Health at the campus, this was my first semester here and I realized that there was still so much that I didn’t know about the university. If you were able to guess the false scenario, kudos to you! But I also hope that like me, you were able to learn something new from it too. 

ʇuǝɯǝʇɐʇs ǝslɐɟ ǝɥʇ sᴉ ǝuo

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