Moving Forward

I cannot believe how fast this semester has flown by. Only one month left. But what a great month to end on, it being the most wonderful time of the year! I have had many great experiences this semester and look forward to even more next semester. So, for my last blog post, I’d like to reflect on these experiences and set new goals for the spring.

Starting the Translational Life Science Technology(TLST) major was intimidating. The TLST program is based on Applied Biotechnology. Although I got my Associate in Biological Science, there have definitely been things I missed by not getting an Associate in Biotechnology. Thankfully, my professors have been fantastic in teaching the lectures. Still, the one major part I have seen myself struggle with is the labs. My experience in Biological Science labs did not fully prepare me for the labs in this major. But this has actually been positive. My shortcomings have brought me closer to my classmates as they shared their knowledge with me. Our continuous communication over academics has opened the way to more personal topics. And now the entire class now feels like a small family. Just the other day, after a class field trip to Fredrick, we all went to see Sailing Through the Winter Solstice. Here, there were beautifully lit boats all along the canal. And fun fact, Kanye apparently was there that day too (no I did not see him).

Beyond just being a student at USG, I have had the wonderful opportunity of also being a Student Ambassador. I may have been paid for the job, but it honestly felt like being part of a club. Our meetings have included icebreaker games and problem-solving as teams, where we have all gotten to bond. It has been a fantastic opportunity to meet many incredible people outside my major. And although stressful at times having to host significant events on campus, I have felt safe knowing I can rely on my fellow Ambassadors. Especially for giving campus tours, the Senior Ambassadors have gone above and beyond to help us newbies feel comfortable. Going out of my comfort zone and joining the program has made me want to try even more opportunities on campus.

USG Ambassadors at Open House

I plan to join other clubs and check out the entrepreneurship lab in the spring. And if I’m lucky, I may be accepted into the USGLeads Emerging Leadership Program. Whatever the future holds, I feel confident I’ll be able to make the most of it!

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