Get Involved!

Somehow, this semester is almost over! In a matter of weeks it will be 2023, and that means the start of the spring semester. If there is anything I could advise anyone of any year to do, it would be to get as involved in college as possible. Beginning the spring semester, we all have the chance to join any and every extracurricular available. So, I wanted to use this opportunity to express how valuable getting involved in clubs and jobs in school has been for me!

For my first year and a half of my undergraduate studies, when I was only at University of Maryland, I joined Engineers Without Borders, Alpha Omega Epsilon, Women in Engineering, and Intern for a Day. My involvement with Engineers Without Borders actually allowed me to have my first internship after freshman year, which taught me more about the research and engineering process than a typical academic environment could. This experience taught me a lot about myself and my preferences for my future career.

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a half social and half professional sorority which brought me many close friends with like minded goals to mine. Furthermore, the professional aspect of this organization provided me countless opportunities, including connections and information which lead me to my internship for this upcoming summer- which I am beyond excited for! 

Women in Engineering gave me the chance to mentor a student, and Intern for a Day gave me the chance to connect with an accomplished individual who became my mentor. Both of these experiences gave me insight in so many ways- they taught me so much!

Since coming to Universities at Shady Grove, I additionally got involved in Control AI, OnCampus Advertising, and of course USG Blogging! Control AI is a new club where Biocomputational Engineering students started to explore more machine learning methods. Oncampus Advertising allows me to be an ambassador for various companies which pushed me past my comfort zone and taught me a lot about myself and communication in general. Finally, being a blogger allowed me to develop my communication skills, as well, and gave me an outlet for creativity. 

All of these experiences contributed greatly to who I am today. Being in touch with campus and student life builds countless opportunities and connections which are the fundamentals for growth. Personally, I learned and thus grew so much these past 2 years, and from my experiences which is why I encourage everyone else to get as involved as possible!

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