Re-cap of USG’s Open House

This past weekend was a memorable one for me as I had the privilege of attending the USG Open House on Saturday, as a student ambassador! After two years of holding virtual open houses, I knew that this year’s event was going to be one for the books. 

As some of you may know, this is only my first semester at USG as well as my first semester being a student ambassador! Leading up to the open house, I was a bit nervous to see how the turnout would be. I spent the week prior looking over my notes to be sure I was fully familiarized with the campus, programs of study, and services USG provides for their students. I was also nervous because I didn’t want to find myself in a situation where I didn’t know how to answer a prospective student’s question. 

Luckily, all of my fears and anxieties left as soon as I was alongside my fellow ambassadors. It was extremely empowering to guide the students and their parents throughout tours, info sessions, info booths, and general questions they had. As a first generation Latina college student, I feel honored to be able to help other first-gen Latin students in pursuing their goals. I had the chance to speak with many parents that only spoke Spanish, and it was motivating to see how these parents are truly the backbone of their children’s dreams. 

It was a beautiful day. There were smiles on everyone’s faces, mother nature granted us a lovely day with sunny skies and beautiful winds, and new realities were made! USG’s Open House succeeded with 230+ student attendees, 190+ guests, totalling 420+ individuals that had the chance to experience our campus. I can’t wait for next year’s open house event!

Be sure to tell your friends, families, and those around you about the great opportunities USG has for them! 

About melanyclaros

Hi everyone! My name is Melany Claros and I am currently a Junior at the University of Maryland, College Park at the Universities at Shady Grove. I was born and raised in Maryland and I love this state! I recently graduated from Montgomery College with an associate of arts in Business and am now majoring in Marketing in the Robert H. Smith School of Business. I also have a minor in Technology Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation. I hope to expand my knowledge in marketing analytics and I strive to obtain an internship where I can gain experience in the fruition that resonates with Marketing. Some topics I plan to write about include struggles that first-generation college students face (especially in the perspective of Latino households), imposter syndrome, and fun hobbies like hiking, new books I suggest people should read, new music discoveries, and much more. During my free time I enjoy reading, listening to music, discovering new coffee shops, and spending time with my friends and family.
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2 Responses to Re-cap of USG’s Open House

  1. Steve Simon says:

    Thanks for your awesome work as a USG Ambassador and for sharing this recap and your reflections on how the fall open house went. It really was a great day and made more so by the great work of the Ambassadors to provide a welcoming environment for all prospective students and guests.

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