Tur(KEYS) for Studying over Break

I know, I know, I heard the collective sigh through the screen, but we can do this! Not like the time(s) we said we would study and then fixed a plate only our eyes could handle, followed by the most glorious nap of the year! No, this time you’ll have some ideas to help you get into the groove of studying, here are 5 of them!

  1. An excuse to get a little me time. Thanksgiving is a time that forces you to get close to your family members–like really close. Between the turkey and the football screaming matches, some of us may want to unwind and take a breather. But how do you tell your Mom, who wants you to meet another relative that knew you as a baby or your Uncle who has the next great business venture that he just has to tell you you need space…. go study! You’re a student, use the role to your advantage! Throw in a: “Finals are coming up”, and a couple: “Exams are going to be crazy!” they’ll understand and smile proudly as you walk to your study session.
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2. Black Friday Points. So, you’ve been eyeing those shoes that are comedically expensive or that purse that has so many numbers in the price tag you thought it was the bar code. Well, okay maybe it’s a bit out of your price range but there is a thin line between outrageous purchase and well-deserved reward, and I’d like to help you to the other side, my friend. If those outrageously priced shoes are a gift to yourself for committing to your study regimen and being disciplined, both the shopping guilt and the not studying on thanksgiving guilt are gone, It’s a win-win! This may be a fun way to feel accomplished and take advantage of some great deals.


3. Utilize the curiosity of your family. You’re the cool college kid coming back from campus! If you have any younger siblings, cousins, or family friends, they’re most likely intrigued and proud of your student journey. Let them help you with studying as you see fit.


4.Map it out before the break. Maybe you’ve never had a plan. You may find yourself saying “I gotta study” but you haven’t mapped out what that entails. Make a high-priority to low-priority list of things you’re having trouble with or just need to review. Give yourself a chance to take action with preparation.


5. College Student Friendsgiving. A Friendsgiving is an event where friends come together and celebrate thanksgiving as one does with their family, hence the name. Use this idea as a way to get together with your classmates. The difference between this thanksgiving and your personal one is that your aim is the same as everyone else’s, studying is more likely to happen in a room of like-minded students. So  Eat, drink, be merry, and open those textbooks!

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