Study Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Want some tips on how to ace your next exam? Look no further! Everyone has their own studying patterns that they follow, but what if I told you about some of the free apps that would help you get into that cramming zone?

Source: Tiktok

Study Stream 

Do you prefer to study alone or with others? If you’re like me, then you probably prefer the quiet of your room or the library, with some music playing in the background, completely in your own bubble. But, you might also like to step out of your comfort zone and interact with others around the world to help you study, be productive, and track your progress much like a live zoom session.



During those hectic days leading up to a test, it’s oftentimes hard to keep all of your notes, papers, and pdfs in one location. Luckily, you now know about the Evernote app which will sync all of your study materials so you can access them at any point. Literally structured as a digital notebook, you can write, annotate, and highlight to your imagination as well as record audio files.


 Source: ForestApp


Most likely the oddball on here, this app will help you stay focused on your work and stop procrastinating by using an interactive tree system. Now I know you’re confused, but let me say it in simpler terms. You begin by planting a tree (on the app, not in real life although I guess you could do that too) when you want to begin working on something. You have to keep checking your little tree as it grows, because getting distracted will cause it to die. For those of you who need visual encouragement, this is it! 

                  Source: Google Play

Google Calendar 

This isn’t an app for studying, per se, and I definitely don’t want to mislead you into thinking that I put it on here accidentally, but I can explain! Google Calendar has helped me organize my daily activities and make room in my schedule to study, take breaks, exercise, eat and more. I found it easily accessible, convenient, and a motivator for studying on time.  





Neither you nor I am surprised to see this one here. I’ll admit—I hesitated before listing it because I was hoping to provide you with more of the lesser known apps. But I think it’s good to reiterate how useful Quizlet is, even with all of its new features requiring you to pay (make sure you get that free trial and cancel before time’s up!). One of my friends made flash cards for our midterm exams and I can attest to its usefulness, although a lot of the perks have been sadly monetized. 



Similar to Quizlet, AnkiApp relies on providing students with flashcards to design to their own liking. You can also search for materials related to your course published by other students and create quizzes to help understand them.

             Source: Google Play

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1 Response to Study Apps to Make Your Life Easier

  1. melanyclaros says:

    Google Calendar is my literal best friend! I’m so glad you mentioned it because although it isn’t a study app, it definitely makes my hectic schedule seem less scary!

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