Life is “Eh” and I Have Class in an Hour

Okay, so the title seems like a very pessimistic way to start a blog post but I promise it’ll get better. A couple of weeks ago I arrived on campus for my usual 6 p.m. Wednesday class. I’m usually on campus very early because I share my car (yes, it’s very annoying).


Usually, this is the only “eh” part of my Wednesday routine. However, last Wednesday was a rough one. I had just received some very overwhelmingly bad news from a friend the night before. I was distraught all through the night, early into the morning, throughout the day, and well into class later that evening. I couldn’t believe the information I received. Moreover, I couldn’t believe I was in class listening to my professor as if nothing upsetting happened just the night before. No one knew all the thoughts and worries lingering in my head.


 It felt crazy and almost unjust to be listening to my professor lecture us about meta-analysis and the varying research types in corporate spaces, yet, here I was. Then I started to think: “I wonder if anyone else is feeling a bit off today?” Or, if their somewhat solid worldview had been disrupted. In this assortment of people, I began to wonder what ordeal they may have had that week, morning, or right before class. At that moment, amid my nosiness, I felt weirdly optimistic and comforting feelings arise.

Looking around I was proud of us, as odd as it may sound. I was so proud that this very diverse, wide array of people with different stories, backgrounds, and issues, found themselves back in class again against all odds. Though life throws us curve balls and often overwhelms us with a load we feel we cannot bear, we managed to face these trials and continue being students. Life is going to continue to do its thing and give you both the warm, fuzzy, exciting feelings some days and the devastating, gut-wrenching, heart-achy ones the other 364 (kidding), but we get to choose where and how we show up, that part we can control.

Look at you! You’re here on campus (or virtually) pursuing a degree and slowly becoming a more-evolved person than you were yesterday, certainly a couple of years ago. You’re giving yourself a chance to be greater, wiser, more knowledgeable, more capable, and forming your own path despite the very common, very disruptive, throws of life. You deserve a round of applause.


Some people couldn’t imagine doing what you’re doing, and here you are doing it! I hope you give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself you’re doing great because you are! Whatever happens, I’m hopeful that until we finish out strong we’ll all get to say “see you in class tomorrow”! See, I told you it would get better.

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