Hitting the Ground Running

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Starting a school year is like starting a new year. You make a resolutions list. But in the past, I never ended up completing it. This time, I can proudly say I’ve stuck to it! I don’t know precisely why this is, but I feel it is partly due to USG. My goals of becoming more social, focusing academically, and caring for my mental health have all been possible.

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If you haven’t already been to the center for counseling and consultation (CCC), I highly recommend it. The center was the first resource here at USG I utilized. Coming out of a nearly three-year pandemic, I think it is fair to say most people’s mental health has suffered. For me, I have definitely become more anxious in social settings. And after getting accepted into the student ambassador program, it was clear this issue would become an obstacle. So, I signed up for counseling. Through discussing my thoughts with the counselor, I have begun to understand how to control my anxiety. Slowly but surely, I have been making progress. The other day, I successfully gave a practice tour for my ambassador program. Talking for 60-minutes straight about a script I had to commit to memory was challenging, but I did it. As I have progressed in my social skills, I have also seen improvements in my academic writing.

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If I am being candid, writing is not my strong suit. This especially became apparent after I got my grade for my first paper this semester, 6.5/10. Oof, this grade really hurt to see. This was a score I definitely did not want to see again, so I reached out to the Macklin Center for Academic Success (MCAS). The tutor had a lot of insight and shared many tips with me. I took this knowledge, applied it to the following paper, and got a score of 9/10. What a change! Who knew you could see results this quickly? I, for one, didn’t.

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Seeing myself benefit significantly from the CCC and MCAS makes me want to explore more of USG’s resources. In the future, I think I’ll attend a MCAS time management workshop or a resume review workshop. And with CCC, I plan to continue to see my counselor. In moments like this, I know I made the right choice by choosing USG.

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  1. Steve Simon says:

    Great piece and fantastic thoughts on the ways you have been getting engaged as a student on the USG campus, Kaitlyn! I look forward to following your blogs going forward.

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